Marbled - York based singer songwriter, La's fan and Emetophobic

Marbled: York Based Singer-Songwriter

What’s there to be said about me, Marbled, that hasn’t already been written? Well, quite a lot actually, which is why I have put together this website. On this site I will keep you on the edge of your seat with upcoming gig news, storm-in-a-teacup gig and music reviews (not of mine, but my opinion of the world of music around me – sure, send me a demo to review!), and updates on my mental health – well, mental health in general, heavily inclusive of Emetophobia and anxiety attacks.

To date, thanks to generous promoters inclusive of Tim Hornsby (Mr H to punters), I’ve supported some pretty incredible artists over the years – many of which I am lucky to be a huge fan of. Let’s take a look at who now include me in their Press Kits as someone they’ve gigged with: John Power (Cast/The La’s), Joshua James, Bill Ryder-Jones, Howard Elliot Payne, Fionn Regan, Rick Witter and Paul Banks (Shed Seven), Pete Doherty, Mark Gardener (Ride), Ben Howard, Milburn, Ian McCulloch and Ian Brodie (Echo and the Bunneymen/Lightning Seeds), Fish (Marillion), Ben Watt Trio (feat. Bernard Butler), Mike Peters (solo), The Alarm (full band), Justin Sullivan (New Model Army), David Ford, The Lake Poets, Jack Penate, Liam Frost, John Otway, James Walsh (Starsailor), Peter Bruntnell, Israel Nash, Crazy Arm, Toby Jepson (Little Angels), Kassidy, Juan Zeleda, Emma Stevens, Dead Men Walking, Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Dick Valentine (Electric Six), Cash (Johnny Cash tribute band), Tom Clarke (The Enemy), and Mark Morriss (The Bluetones). There’s more from back when Cert 18 and Stereo (York) were venues, but that’s all I can remember. If you know of any more though, do update me and I’ll credit you with a guest-list sometime soon.

About Marbled: The long and the short stories

I started out in York’s music scene as a solo artist, gigging under my actual name – Marck Whiley – and regularly played Acoustic Mafia at The Stone Roses Bar, which was an incredible event Owen Richards (Colour of Fire, Grammatics, Department M) ran. Apart from Mike Newsham and Owen (of course), I think I received the most billings. From there I changed my monikor to Marbled, met Mark Waters, and formed The Alpha Waves with Stuart Allan (The Blueprints) and Matt Brannan.

The Alpha Waves gigged frequently at Fibbers, Cert 18 and Basement Bar, York. An album was recorded, Animation Cell, which while naive in production in parts, heralded some pretty great songs that still feature in Marbled’s fluctuating set-list – I’ll talk of Marbled in the third person, as it is its own entity and ego.

Stu left to focus on The Blueprints – where Mark soon also left to join on bass – and The Alpha Waves became a trio – The Rodeo Falls – for one gig at The Duchess.

Top of the Box was a brief venture, playing Marbled’s more acoustic based songs, and only gigged once, again at The Duchess.

I then joined Dream of Apollo on lead guitar, and that was a fantastic learning curve (for good and bad reasons).

After playing solo again, I began recording EPs as Marbled – Milk Teeth EP, Rodeo Falls EP, Electric Sleep EP, Pocket Search EP, and Meantime EP. Meantime EP was a low-key release as Marck and the Rodeo Falls, and from there The Rodeo Falls were reborn with Bob Jackson, Dave Carpenter and Mike Bilson. An album was recorded, Better Broken, before Bob flew to the US of A, and Jono Sayner joined us on bass guitar. It all ended, as the best bands do, and Marbled is now a solo venture, with live gigs planned as a full band.

As the shit was hitting the fan and my mental health and band were falling apart, I all too briefly set up In Binary, with a bloody great guy named Alan Malcolm, whose skills and patience I owe a lot to.

Finally, Marbled worked with David Lawrie again (producer of Meantime EP) on Clocks Carry On EP. It never had a proper release, and instead was included on State of Mine, an album compiling it, Meantime EP and tracks from Milk Teeth EP.

Are you still reading this? Wow, you’re keen!

I’ll blog more about my mental health issues and discuss musical projects in more depth, as well as recorded material, on separate sections of this site.