Get in contact with Marbled

It’s Good To Talk

If you’d like to get in touch with me to:

  • Send me a demo to review
    • Reviews can be used for Press Kits or on gig posters
    • Demo submissions should be via ZIP files on Dropbox or a similar online file hosting site
  • Chat about mental health issues
    • Emetophobia
    • Anxiety attacks
  • Book me for a gig or to add to me to a York bill
    • Please remember I can only gig in York, so don’t ask me to play Camden Town any time soon
    • I am available to do gig performances/acoustic shows via Skype
  • Radio sessions
    • Local radio or podcasts where I will perform songs acoustically or discuss mental health issues
  • Songwriting collaborations
    • If you’d like to collaborate with me, via email or Skype, let’s do it!

Social Channels

Get in touch on Facebook or Twitter for lighthearted social banter, or via email for more personal matters.