Discography and EP Artwork Collection


It’s been a long road to get to the State of Mine compilation album. A compilation album – Habitual Trier A to Migraine and Nausea to Z – is available on Spotify and features all tracks from Milk Teeth EP, Rodeo Falls EP, Electric Sleep EP, Pocket Search EP, Fig Leaf EP and another four tracks (with recorded vocals) from The Alpha Waves’ Animation Cell album.

I have fond memories (mostly) of recording all this music, and locations varied from Sam Forrest’s Factory of Unprofessional Sound, to my living room, and Afternaut’s (Adam Rowley) bedroom to The Groves’ Pentecostal Church (the Jam Jar) – where The Rodeo Falls used to rehearse.

Milk Teeth EP was heavily inspired by Fleet Foxes, who I’d not long since seen live. Lots of finger-picking, cute harmonies with Sam Forrest, banjo playing, out-of-tune pianos, and Sam playing electric guitar on The Robin like “the mad guitar sounds on dEUS’ Worst Case Scenario”.

Rodeo Falls EP (I do love those two words, as you can tell from me naming two different line-up bands after it!) sees me playing drums (very badly) and a more rockabilly, acoustic alt.rock sound. When I supported John Power (Cast/The La’s) at The Duchess and came offstage after closing the set with Bad Bones, he said “run rabbit run! Sound, la!” – yes, the line is lifted from The La’s Son of a Gun.

Electric Sleep EP was very exciting to make. There’s minimal electric guitar – which was laid down as a guide track – and is 99.9% Afternaut’s musical composition. Of all tracks I’ve recorded, this sounds the least like me, and may be the most challenging music I’ve added to my discography.

Pocket Search EP got demoed with Carl Hetherington (The Alpha Waves’ producer), but ended up being rerecorded with Afternaut. It is four songs melded together to create one track. The last chord of each song starts the next.

Fig Leaf EP saw me rerecording my vocals and tweaking the mix on four Alpha Waves songs. I do love those songs, and will one day record them (hopefully with David Lawrie) again – apart from Chase It Down and A Pony That Turned The Applecart, which we have already redone.

Meantime EP featured pretty much the same artwork as the State of Mine album, but released online as Marck and the Rodeo Falls – which actually makes three different line-ups of The Rodeo Falls! Its successor, Clocks Carry On EP, was again recorded (like Meantime EP) with David Lawrie. This time we changed the personel, and added double bass to the mix. This EP did see the light of day on the State of Mine compilation album.

Marbled - State of Mine - front cover artwork

Marbled - State of Mine - Artwork back

Marbled - State of Mine - Inner artwork

Marbled - Milk Teeth EP - Front artwork

Marbled - Milk Teeth EP - Back artwork

Marbled - Rodeo Falls EP - Front artwork

Marbled - Rodeo Falls EP - Front Artwork

Marbled - Electric Sleep EP - Front artwork

Marbled - Electric Sleep EP - Back Artwork

Marbled - Pocket Search EP - Front artwork

Marbled - Pocket Search EP - Back artwork

Marbled - Fig Leaf EP - Front artwork

Marbled - Fig Leaf EP - Back artwork