The Rodeo Falls – Better Broken

Band Members

Marck Whiley – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Bob Jackson – Bass Guitar

Dave Carpenter – Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals

Mike Bilson – Drums

York's The Rodeo Falls - Marbled, Dave Carpenter, Bob Jackson and Mike Bilson


All songs on Better Broken were written by Marck Whiley, except Men Under The Moon and Everybody Watching You, which were full band musical compositions, with lyrics by Marck.

Recorded at The White Rooms, York, by Dan Whiting, the album captured the band’s full set – minus Dyed in Wool and Captains of Industry – before Bob left for the USA. Artwork was designed by Jono Sayner – who went on to replace Bob on bass.

Photo by Yellow Mustang Photography

The album is a heady, rough and ready mix of The La’s hooks and melodies, Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ funk and groove, and Damon Albarn’esque observational lyrics.

Doctor Doctor is about support from one’s peers at a time of personal crisis – or mental health issues.

Pepper Potts captured the humour of a mid-life crisis writer looking for a new muse.

Long Distance Runner reflected on a character from York, Simon, who disappeared off-radar. It also touches upon the long discussed rumour of the first Cosmonauts shot into space, who never made it back home.

Rope Tricks was inspired by John Fullbright’s appearance on Jools Holland. Lyrically it was penned for Boss Caine, but never made it to Dan Lucas’ ears.

Men Under the Moon is clearly about the airbrushed optimism in the US around 1969, and the (not shared in the band) belief that man never did land on the moon, and it was all a fake – even the optimism at the time.

Beat Goes On is an old Marbled song which found new life with The Rodeo Falls. Focusing on how live music in the 60s lost the sex appeal of the 50s and how so many artists were simply ripping off the rock’n’roll greats that preceded them. It is not about how sh*t The Beatles were, but it was usually introduced as being so.

Everybody Watching You looks at the seedy underbelly of the press at times of personal (and subsequent national) loss – namely for this song the Maddie McCann case.

Bang Bang is loud, Pixies’esque and didn’t turn out as surf-tinged as wanted – but was riotous to play live. A RHCP bass line and lots of howling. Lyrically it’s about leaving town when the shit hits the fan.

Best Laid Plans was inspired by the film of the same name. A Bonnie and Clyde tale of youthful kids abandoning their parent’s overbearing ambitions for them.

Put on Silver was a country mosh-pit, all jukebox and zero responsibility.

David Carpenter from The Rodeo Falls