1. Hi, I’m wondering how you’re doing today and if you found some other type of calmative to help?
    I came across your article while googling Zopiclone. I take it to help me sleep and find it works wonders so I started to wonder if it could be addictive. Thanks for writing this.

    1. Author

      Hi Beth,

      Sorry for the delay in replying to your message – I had a couple of website issues (changed from .info to .co.uk!).

      I am on Amitriptyline (50mg a night), and have been for a lot of years. Maybe that’s helping me a little with my anxieties, alongside 2mg of Valium as and when I need it – max one a day.

      Zopiclone is addictive – so I’ve read and been told by doctors – from after just two weeks of regular use. People have different tolerances, and some can stop class A drugs with no side-effects, whilst others go through hell. I found it extremely hard emotionally and psychologically, and still do to this day, some three years later.

      If you have no issues with it, and your doctor is happy continuing to prescribe it to you, I wouldn’t worry. I found that I was under its influence too much, and was not happy with its effect on me towards the end, so I wanted to get off it. I would go back on it now though, after three years and still having an anxiety issue that Zoplicone used to help with.

      I hope you’re well and thanks for sending me the kind comment. It really is a life-changing drug!

      Best regards.


  2. I have taken Zopiclone for about 10 years I take 7.5 mg every night. I have never had any urge to increase the dosage and because, I suppose , I take it for insomnia I have had none of the ” highs” you talk about. Am I addicted , perhaps but I am also 68 years old and don’t really care. I would rather have a good night’s sleep then worry about whether I am addicted to this drug. Since this drug makes me sleepy I find it hard to relate to what you are saying this drug does for you ( sorry DID for you ) but I congratulate on coming off it . I hope you can find something to replace it with. Have you tried CBD, from the HEMP plant ?

    1. Author

      Hi Maureen,

      Thanks for your comment and for reading my post. Sorry for the delay, I was busy trying to update some of the things behind the scenes on the site.

      If you take Zopiclone before sleep, that’s great. I was taking it hours before sleep to calm my anxiety and eventually to get a buzz. It worked – too much. So, I ended up using it as an anti-anxiety and not as a sleeping medication. Since coming off it, many of my anxieties are ‘worse’, in that I have no way of treating them as successfully as Zopiclone did. With my Emetophobia, I have tried CBT, unsuccessfully. I would try it again – and hopefully will one day.

      Addiction – since writing this post, I see it differently. I was addicted, and it did ‘rule’ my life. But it made my anxieties better, and I miss that. I miss feeling well from taking it and not being so anxious.

      There’s not a day goes by when I don’t think of it – taking it again. Oh well.

      Thanks again.


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